Why This Contest?

Because Queries Are Important

According to author and literary agent Rachel McMillan and Tall Poppy Writers CEO and writing professor Ann Garvin, a good query submission can be described in terms of story, skill and sales. In other words, you want to convey an original idea or fresh take, demonstrate a mastery of narrative structure, and write it like a pitch. It’s meant to be a teaser to hook a publisher. 

These elements are key to a one-sentence pitch as well as your synopsis. So lay out your story’s character, desire, arc and adventure—with style but without gimmick. And may the best story summary win! 

Our judges will be asking themselves one question: “Does this synopsis convince me that I’m in the hands of an adept novelist with a unique and engaging story to tell?” 

Each contest participant receives: 

  • Jennie Nash’s online Blueprint for a Book, along with Blueprint for a Nonfiction Book. (Please do not share the link we send you, as this offer is intended only for our contest participants.) These resources will prove helpful as you work on your pitch for the contest, so check them out sooner rather than later! 
  • 20% off a new subscription to The Hot Sheet from Jane Friedman. This discount is only valid for the $79/year premium subscription level and cannot be applied to existing subscriptions. The discount is good through June 1, 2023. (There’s a two-issue free trial before you are billed, so if it’s not for you, no problem. Just cancel before the trial period is up.) Find out more and see testimonials at The Hot Sheet.

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Stay Informed About the Contest!

Stay Informed About the Contest!

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