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You’re ready to publish that novel. You just need to do one tiny thing. Write a query letter that changes your life or dooms you to obscurity. *gulp* Advertising exec and international selling author of five novels Kelly Simmons guides you through a unique, advertising-based process to help your query letter stand out and get answered. Kelly has helped hundreds of writers through her mentoring workshops and conferences. Here’s all her best advice in one affordable place. How to Write a Great Freaking Query Letter


Jane Friedman: Pitch Your Book In Two Sentences 

Even the most skilled authors find distilling their book down to a compelling pitch difficult to do, not because they don’t know what their book is about, but because they do. In fact, they know it so well they don’t want to leave anything out. This results in more of a summary than juicy marketing copy designed to hook and interest an agent or a publisher.

In this online class, you’ll learn how to get to very heart of your project, and make certain that the story you’re working on is compelling and clear. Even the most complicated or quiet of tales can be pitched in such a way that people will sit up and take notice.


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Stay Informed About the Contest!

Stay Informed About the Contest!

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